Our sizes are as noted below, along with a visual for comparison. We sort through an awful lot of crabs, so while these might not be down to the millimeter, we do our absolute best. We've been at it a long time, have thousands of happy customers, and hope you'll be among them!

The bigger sizes usually aren't available until midway through the season. We start seeing Jumbos pulled around early June and Monsters around late July. Stay plugged in with our email or SMS lists below to be the first to know.

For adults, we usually recommend at least 3-4 crabs per person if there's other food on the table. This obviously varies by size and appetite. Some of us sit down with a dozen ourselves!

  • Medium

    • 5" thru 5.5" point-to-point
    • All male crabs
  • Large

    • 5.5" thru 6" point-to-point
    • All male crabs
  • Extra Large

    • 6" thru 7" point-to-point
    • All male crabs
  • Jumbos

    • 7" thru 8" point-to-point
    • All male crabs
    • More available later in season
  • Monsters

    • 8" and up
    • All male crabs
    • More available later in season
  • Females

    • Unsized, range anywhere from 5" to 7"
    • Available only as occassional special